May. 23rd, 2005

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Winterbourne Stoke barrow cemetary
Note the long barrow close to the traffic island
Stonehenge just a mile down road

Bincknoll Castle a motte and bailey? Well I never. Not Iron Age? Motte 3.2 m high? Tosh
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Chelsea Flower Show begins today Of all the flowers my delight is the poppy

O soft embalmer of the still midnight!
Shutting, with careful fingers and benign,
Our gloom-pleas'd eyes, embower'd from the light,
Enshaded in forgetfulness divine;
O soothest Sleep! if so it please thee, close,
In midst of this thine hymn, my willing eyes.
Or wait the Amen, ere thy poppy throws
Around my bed its lulling charities;
Then save me, or the passed day will shine
Upon my pillow, breeding many woes;
Save me from curious conscience, that still hoards
Its strength for darkness, burrowing like a mole;
Turn the key deftly in the oiled wards,
And seal the hushed casket of my soul.
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A new washng machine
Hoover RIP
Vivat Indesit
Last time I used an Indesit was in Tripoli Power socket handily placed above the bath, drive belt from the fanbelt shop in Shara Gamal Abdel-Nassr Toyota or Peugeot issue?
Entrance to Suq from Green Square
I managed to get out yesterday Happy fresh air


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